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Quadrofit Total Knee System

The Quadrofit Total Knee System is designed and developed for use in cemented and cementless application of Total Knee arthroplasty.

The unique femoral cutting guide combines various functionalities in one component.

This enables the surgeon to shape the femur fast and accurate with only one guide positioning and fixing.

Quadrofit Total Knee system offers mobile and fixed insert options. This enables the surgeon to make the appropriate choice for the case.


Total Knee System manufactured from:

  • CoCrMo alloy according to ASTM F 75 – ISO 5832/4 for Femoral Component and Mobile Tibial Component
  • Ti6Al4V ELI alloy according to ASTM F 136 – ISO 5832/3 for Fixing Tibial Component
  • XL UHMWPE (Cross-Linked Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) according to ISO 5834/1-2 for Tibial Insert and Patella.

Quadrofit Revision Knee System

Quadrofit Revision Knee System is indicated for cases of revision of a primary total knee replacement or for primary total knee replacement when bone augmentation is required.  Primary total knee arthroplasty may be subject to failure for various reasons, including polyethylene wear, aseptic  loosening,  osteolysis,  infection,  ligamentous  instability and  patellofemoral complications. Goals of a successful total knee revision include, amongst others: - Mechanical alignment restoration- Re-establishment of the joint line- good fixation of revision implant components- Acceptable range of motion restoration- Flexion/extension gap balancing It is the surgeon's responsibility to assess whether the indications for use are respected.


CoCrMo alloy according to ASTM F75-ISO 5832/4 for Revision Femoral Component.Classification:MDD 93/42/EEC, Annex IX, Rule 8, Class III    

Indication of Use

The  Quadrofit  Revision  Knee  prosthesis  is  designed  for  cemented  use  in total knee arthroplasty, if  there is evidence of sufficient sound bone to seat the support the components. 

This knee replacement system is indicated in the following cases:

  • Avascular necrosis of femoral condyle
  • Post traumatic loss of joint configuration
  • Primary implantation failure

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